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Dhansere started on January 12, 2012 and has been producing quality books to connect authors and readers. Deliberately and resolutely independent, Dhansere maintains close relationships with the authors, designers and printers we work with to ensure that everyone involved in the production of one of our volumes gets a fair deal, as well as supporting local, independent business. We believe that a story can evoke a large range of emotions; they can make you cry, make you laugh and, most importantly, change a life. All of our books and authors are enormously special in their own way. We are completely dedicated to each of our authors, and work hands on with authors and media contacts in order to give every book the best start in life. Our publishing expertise has turned debut authors into bestsellers. That’s why we don’t offer one-size-fits-all publishing deals. Instead, we work closely with our authors on an individual basis to provide the support and publishing expertise you need. We do hope you enjoy perusing the witty, irreverent, radical and brilliant selection of books we have here.

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