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Poems Beyond Words

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Author : Subroto Gangopadhyay

Year Of Publication :2023
Pages : 64
Binding : Hardcover
ISBN : 978-93-93703-57-6

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This is my first daring venture of poetry not in my own mother tongue but in English. I must admit frankly that it is my humble attempt. It may be accepted or rejected by my dear readers. Over the years we have faced various definitions and theories of poetry by esteemed poets and critics. We have immensely enriched ourselves by them because their valuable utterances are assets to us. Still every poet, during their compositions, try their level best to upset the readers’ usual way of thinking, seeing or hearing. Even though a poem may adopt a philosophic or religious or political stance, it is not a secret code to be deciphered or picked apart to uncover an obscure message. Getting to know poems and becoming comfortable with them take patience and practice, but we must not look at poetry as we would look at a machine, which once mastered, acquires utilitarian significance.
I have a firm faith in my belief that poetry is simply a means of human expression that exists because there are readers and writers who are involved and engaged in human experience. Like all other artistic expressions, it is an attempt to name that experience, to create feelings and to express the otherwise inexpressible.


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